Trans Atlantic in collaboration with a major Readymix Concrete Manufacturing Company is operating a Readymix Supply plant based in Kuwait. TAG-RMC operates an automated plant with trained operational crew and vehicle resources to cater to its client’s construction site requirements. As the Ready mix has no definite form, the final ready mix is assumed to take any form or feeling / touch making its utilization areas indefinite. Apparently, mix designs are prepared in accordance with international standards by our in-house laboratory staff. Custom mix designs can also be developed based on customer requirements. TAG-RMC concentrates on the following with utmost importance while serving our customer requirements.

  • Proper Mixing Process
  • Using right mixture of additives
  • Adopting the appropriate water – cement ratio
  • Ensuring mixing water coldness in mix transit

Our Engineering & Construction group’s operational reputation is backed by the backward integration of TAG-RMC batching plant. The total production capacity of the current operational plant is estimated to be 120 Cbm / Hour., which is further due for expansion.

TAG-RMC’s operational capability is backed by state of art laboratory, chiller plant, and a fleet of pumps and transit mixers which facilitates timely production, supply and quality. TAG-RMC’s range of standard concrete mixtures are designed for plant buildings, paving, drive ways and low demanding applications wherein the mixture displacement is based on conventional methodologies like chute , pump or Kibble. Accordingly in general cases, the client specifications regarding aggregate sizes, slump, air content, cement content per unit volume of concrete and strength.

In addition, TAG-RCMC’s capabilities are extendable to produce the following concrete as per customer requirements:

  • Self-Consolidating Concrete
  • High Strength Concrete
  • Rapid Hardening Concrete
  • Low Shrinkage Concrete
  • Marine Concrete
  • Sulphate Resistant Concrete
  • Fiber Reinforced Concrete
  • Readymix Concrete in Bag Packaging

Moving forward in its pursuit of growth TAG-RMC shall be adapting new technologies like Utilization of Fly-Ash , Utilization of Slag etc.