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Subsidiary In Bahrain

Trans Atlantic Contracting Co., - Bahrain

TACCo., is flagship organization under the umbrella of Trans Atlantic Group and has a deep rooted business existence the defense support services domain of Bahrain wherein we are a prominent service provider in many areas related to ISA Air Base and NSA , Bahrain. We have been associated with major contractors to US Naval Forces Central Command like KBR , Dyncorp , DLA , Vectrus etc servicing their every possible needs round the clock and week.

Some of the major services we are capable of delivering are as follows:

  • Operation of DFAC Facilities
  • Manpower Supply Services
  • Heavy Equipment Rental Services
  • Logistics & Transportation Services
  • Trading & Supplies
  • Waste Management Services
  • Fuel Delivery Services
  • Laundry Services
  • Security Services
  • Temporary Power Generation Services
  • Fabrication & Installation of Prefabricated Buildings and Camp Facilities

Few of those attributes which make TACCo., a reputed and most preferred service provider for our clients are that of

  • ‘High Service Delivery Quality’
  • ‘Competitive Pricing’
  • ‘Committed Mission Critical Executional Strategies’

TACCo., aims are extending its services to other reputed clients outside the defense services market of Bahrain. The pool of managerial and non-managerial manpower with versatile skill sets adds strength to TACCo.,’s aspiration of growth and expansion.

Subsidiary In Bahrain


TAGTCCo., is a comparatively new venture by Trans Atlantic Group aimed at capturing other business opportunities leveraging the experience TAG had gained in other geographical markets pertaining to Construction and Oilfield Services. The company is managed by a team of professionals with ample experience in Bahrain’s contracting market of varying disciplines thereby articulating these competencies to gain a bigger pie of thus derived business opportunities.

Apparently, TAGTCCo., had added its resource base with experienced manpower and equipment to cater to the requirements of client majors like BAPCO , ALBA and BAC. Some of the major services which TAGTCCo., is capable of delivering in Bahrain’s local market includes the following::

  • Civil Construction Services
  • Mechanical & Structural Erection
  • Steel Fabrication Services
  • Specialized Oilfield Transportation Services
  • Skilled Manpower Supply Services

In view of growing opportunities in Bahrain’s infrastructure development projects, TAGTCCo., is aggressively working towards expanding its service portfolio to Oilfield Service domain also. The experience and competencies gained from its similar operations in Kuwait shall be articulated to provide the best in class Service Delivery Quality and thereby Ultimate Client Satisfaction .

Subsidiary In Oman


A very recent addition to Trans Atlantic Group’s geographical diversification to Sultanate of Oman is TATCCo., having its operational bases at Muscat and Duqum Free Trade Zone area. All capabilities and competencies leveraged from years of experience working in various domains are being articulated to synergize the growth of TATCCo.,

The major services TATCCo., is capable of delivering currently are as follows:

  • Specialized Oilfield Transportation Services
  • Equipment Maintenance Services
  • Temporary Power Generation Services
  • Equipment Rental Services
  • Temporary Facilities Manufacturing & Installation Services

TATCCo., had already started gaining market acceptance with its specialty attributes Viz., :

  • Best Fit Project Solutions
  • High Service Delivery Quality
  • Competitive Pricing Advantages
  • Fair & Ethical Business Practices
Subsidiary In Saudi Arabia

Iron & Steel International Factory – Saudi Arabia

Trans Atlantic Group’s array of growth in Oil & Gas contracting business has much significance to have a sustainable vendor relationship established with Saudi-ARAMCO and its major contractors. With this objective, TAG’s Saudi Arabian subsidiary was established under the name of ‘Iron & Steel International Factory’. The ISIR company has its base in KHAFJI area with an own land and fabrication yard. The erstwhile experience the group had is being articulated to ISIR to manufacture and supply best – in – class and price competitive products pertaining to Oil & Gas domain.

The major line of business covers the following:

  • Manufacture of Steel Structures for Plants & Factories
  • Manufacture of Vehicle Super Structures
  • Fabrication of Custom Designed Oilfield Products
  • Trading & Supplies of Oilfield Consumables

ISIR is quickly expanding in the domestic market offering competitive edge over nearest competitors in all aspects of business.